How to make princes dress

How to make princes dress

How to make princes dress This printsessino dress. MK only skirts. Fabrics: curtain veil, c / b calico for pads, c / b jeans tight for rigidity bodice ready elements lace with beads and sequins, lace lace for eyelets lacing, zipper, laced thin satin ribbon, petticoats tulle tiers, . crinoline of 2 rings of 50 and 70cm in diameter, gloves knitted oil, fragments of lace sewn begin with Petticoat: 1)

How to make tablet case

How to make tablet case There is a new age technology. Almost every day, they invented and produced in the world, new models of smartphones, phones, tablets. All these things are in demand, and in many cases, necessary for a modern inhabitant metropolis. Everyone who has bought himself a brand new long-awaited model of your phone or tablet, tries to keep her safe and sound. In order not to break

How to embroider the simplest sewing machine

Today’s master class for those who want to learn how to embroider a simple sewing machine. You can embroider any lockstitch sewing machine, in which you can adjust the tension of the upper and lower thread. The most convenient – a foot Central bobbin sewing machines, which are free to work with both hands embroiderers. You can use the old machines, you inherited from grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Modern cars are

How to make bright pillow

Patchwork cushion, in the same way you can make an ottoman Core cut from a dense foam and cut out and sew the bag. The examples address the shortcomings if they are Then remove the cover with ottoman. Cutting equal squares of fabric in different colors Fold the squares on the diagonal, and again folded up, aligning the edge of the diagonal: Sew one stitch on the sewing machine triangles

How to sew a summer dress for girls

How to sew a summer dress for girls: We sew a summer dress for girls To make a dress how to sew a dress. Textile cutting: two paintings and cuffs. sew the sleeves: Process on the edge overlock or zigzag, tuck the edge of the cuff, vdernut gum Likewise neaten and tuck the edge of the neck, as vdernut gum: Ironed. So it looks like the top of the dresses: Bottom

How to make paper box “Garden” card

How to make paper box “Garden” card: I already have a topic about creating a box improvised. I decided to continue the theme and share ideas create other shapes and sizes of boxes. To do this we need to: 1. Two sheets for scrapbooking. 2. A couple of sheets of colored paper. 3. Stained glass, or watercolor paint. 4.Nozhnitsy. 5.Figurnye scissors. 6. Glue. 7. Pencil. Take the first sheet, a ruler

How to make slippers

How to make slippers Ready to present to the readers the result of all my torment – a fast, easy way to make a budget and original, bright, comfortable, and most importantly, it is sturdy and socks home tapuli 🙂 To make them, I prepared a special the pattern to be printed on thermal transfer. Its use greatly simplifies and accelerates the process and reduces practically to zero all possible

How to sew a bag made of thick fabric

How to sew a bag made of thick fabric From light fabric you need to sew a bag, the outer side is sewn from thick fabric (d Practical bag made of solid textile with a tight lining. Another option: Thank you all! courtesy: delaemrukami Share this post With your Friends Share List

How to make mosaic peacock wall art

How to make mosaic peacock wall art   The kingdom of the white peacock and heavenly beauty … The White Peacock. Mosaic bisera.Dina Fried Amazing, bright, talented work Dinah Fried. incredibly beautiful white peacock – eyes do not tear! In the course there are a variety of materials: Broken glass, beads, bugle beads, seed beads, crystals – all this magic stuff for work First the outline   And then begins

How to make snow sledge of yarn and wire vase

How to make snow sledge of yarn and wire vase This is all that is needed to operate Three-core wire -. Sledge runners each blank wrapped around thread on the double sided tape. Next themselves sled Sprinkle artificial snow. Roses in the “sugar” snow. The edge of each petal smeared with glue and sugar. Then I gathered already in flower. Much more interesting is obtained than in the artificial snow.